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Getting Ready To Stream: Turning Your Gaming Hobby Into A Revenue Source

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If you are an avid gamer, and you are planning on streaming online, then you need to set up your gaming space properly. It can be very profitable to stream online. If you broadcast yourself on Twitch or one of the other streaming services, you can generate income in the form of donations or subscriptions. However, to stand the best chance of having people tune in and support you, you need to have a professional-looking streaming setup. The following are important items that you will need to get.

Buy a Comfortable Streaming Chair

You need to have a comfortable streaming chair because you don't want to slouch and look sloppy on camera. While it might be fine to lay on your couch and play video games on your downtime, when you are streaming and attempting to be a professional, you will want a more professional setup. There are chairs that are designed specifically for gaming and these are the ones you should look into. They are comfortable and also look great on camera.

A Green Screen Backdrop With Stand

One of the most important aspects of the streaming process is to have an attractive background. While some people start off sitting in front of a painting or stock background, most professional streamers use a green screen so that they can switch backgrounds whenever they choose to and also have dynamic video playing behind them. The best method of setting up a green screen is to buy a portable stand and a green background. The green screen works because the software used to broadcast is able to remove the color green and replace it with the desired background image.

A Custom-Built Gaming PC

Finally, the most important thing you can do before you start streaming is to make sure you have a custom-built gaming PC. It's important that your computer be capable of handling the fast-moving graphics and does not freeze up. When you are playing online, your viewers will want to experience an entertaining show. If the game does not render properly or pauses mid-action and requires you to reboot, then you're going to lose viewers. So, it is vital that you look into a computer that is designed explicitly for gaming. If you want your computer to be on camera and have your viewers see it, then you should inquire about clear towers that let you see the interior. Some of these are even designed with neon lights that make them visually exciting and add to your decor.