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Why It's Worth Investing In A Wireless Charging Vehicle Dock For Your Phone

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Chances are that you spend a lot of time in your vehicle where your phone is also in use. You may even get to your destination and discover that your phone's battery life has taken a significant hit as a result. It's why investing in a wireless charging vehicle dock is a worthwhile purchase that will provide you with many benefits. Here are some reasons to make the upgrade. 

Cord-Free Charging

One of the biggest advantages of having a wireless dock in your vehicle is that it provides you with cord-free charging. All you have to do is place the phone on the dock and the phone will charge for the entire time it's resting on the dock. You won't have to think about it, which makes the charging process so convenient.

A wireless charging dock will likely not charge your phone as fast as using a wired connection, but that is not the point. Your goal is to prevent the battery from draining faster than the rate you are using your phone. When you are considering that you are just using your phone while driving for basic navigation or playing back some audio, the wireless charging should do just fine to leave your battery at the same capacity or more by the time you get to your destination. 

Universal Charging Method

It is common for many phones these days to use the standard for Qi wireless charging. This is great news, because it ensures compatibility across all devices. If you have people in your home using Apple and Samsung phones, you're probably well aware that they use two different charging cables. This results in having to swap out cables if you want to charge while driving, which can be annoying. As long as someone has a phone with wireless charging, they can use the wireless charging vehicle dock to charge their phone. 

Ease of Use

Many wireless charging docks have the benefit of being easy to use. The phone doesn't need to be slid onto a connector, since it is as simple as putting the phone on a spot that clamps it in place. It allows you to easily dock your phone without having to use two hands, which makes it simple and convenient for anybody that uses it. There will be no worrying about a phone moving around in your vehicle and having a charging cable break off in the charging port.