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Use Biohacking In Your Everyday Life

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Self-quantification is the act of collecting and tracking specific data in order to use the results of that data to improve your life. You can use the results to determine if you should quit doing something, continue doing something, include more of an activity into your life, or even if you should consider seeing your doctor for further testing. You can learn more about self-quantification and the biohacking apps that are available to help you with your own self-quantification goals by reading the information given below:

The accessibility of biohacking apps

You can access biohacking apps on your phone or another device. You'll need to download the app and go through any registration process the app requires; this process differs from app to app. The apps are convenient to use, which is good because some of them require you to use them at a certain time or following a certain action.

Learn the effects consuming something has on your brain

If you want to know about the effects something has on your brain after you consume it, such as caffeine or sugar, then you will be able to download and use a biohacking app to determine this. You will be able to access the app to take tests that measure your cognitive abilities before and after consuming the substance you want to know about. The cognitive abilities that will be tested will include things like your overall motor function, your reaction time, and your memory.

Learn more about possible food sensitivities

You can use a biohacking app to determine whether you have certain food sensitivities. You can use the camera sensor on your phone or another device to check your pulse after eating certain types of foods that you suspect you might have issues with. If an increase in your pulse rate is found, then it is likely you have problems with those foods. There are other things that can be used to determine your heart rate, such as a device that plugs in your phone or device and then connects to your earlobe to track your heart rate.

Learn the effects doing a physical activity has on your brain

If you are interested in learning more about how things like exercise, mediation, or napping have on your brain, then the same types of tests as the ones mentioned above will be used, but they will instead be taken after you perform the activity that you are interested in learning the effects of.

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