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4 Reasons To Choose A Used Laptop

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If you are shopping around for a new laptop, here are four reasons to pick up a used laptop instead of forking over insane amounts of cash for a new model. 

1. Money, Money, Money! 

In case it wasn't stated enough, money is the first reason to choose a used laptop over a new one and is, in fact, the basis for all the other reasons. If you had loads of cash you wouldn't be reading this. Long story short, you can save up to 80% if you choose a used or refurbished laptop. That means a saving of something like $800 on an upper-level laptop. You can find a better-quality used laptop than the quality you would get with a brand-new budget laptop. Choosing a used tried-and-tested brand with years of quality is better than blowing your money on the cheapest thing on the market. When you buy used, you open up possibilities and save yourself money at the same time. 

2. Refurbished Is Almost Like New

Another reason to shop for a used laptop is the availability of refurbished laptops. A refurbished laptop is almost like a new one. It could have been returned to the manufacturer because something was wrong with it or the customer didn't like it, and it could work perfectly fine. A refurbished laptop has been taken apart, cleaned, fixed up, and then reassembled. You can buy them from the manufacturer or from other sellers. Depending on what was wrong with the laptop in the first place, you can usually get a great deal on a practically new laptop that works seamlessly.  

3. Not as Old or as Used as You Might Think

On the same subject, not all used laptops are old or heavily used. Some people opt to sell their newer laptops because they are strapped for cash or they want the latest in computing science. That is good news for you. Many used laptops are only lightly used and can look like new; you don't have to choose a dinosaur of a laptop in order to save money.   

4. Recycling Is Good 

Another reason to choose used is that you can help the environment. Choosing a used laptop is choosing to recycle all of those computer parts and to make your carbon footprint smaller.

When a used laptop will do all the same basic computing that a new one will, you might as well save yourself the money and choose a used laptop. 

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