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3 Things To Consider When Having Your DJ Controller Repaired

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Is your DJ controller on the fritz? You can't control your overall DJ system without a working controller to rely on, so repairs are probably a top priority for you. Here are a few things to consider when taking it in for repairs.

Are Temporary Options Available?

If you don't already own two DJ controllers, you will be left without important equipment that's needed to DJ while your controller system gets repaired. And this may end up complicating any gigs you have scheduled and employee responsibilities you might have whether you're working as a DJ full- or part-time. So, if you think you'll need use of a DJ controller while yours is being repaired, it's a good idea to find out what temporary options are available to take advantage of in your community.

A local high school may be willing to rent you one of theirs. Or you might be able to purchase a used one from a pawn shop that might not be as good as your own, but will help you get your DJ work done until your controller is repaired and ready for use again. The repair company you are working with may even be able and willing to loan you a controller until they are ready to return yours to you.

Should Other Components Be Checked?

If the other components of your DJ system are older and have not been repaired or replaced lately, you may want to consider having everything checked out at the same time as your controller to make sure that it's all in good working order. If even small problems are detected, they can all be repaired at once so every component of your DJ system works properly and you can have peace of mind in knowing that you likely won't have to get more repairs again anytime soon.

Can a Warranty Be Purchased?

Your service provider may be able to sell you a warranty for the work that they do on your DJ controller, so if something goes wrong again anytime in the near future due to workmanship or malfunctioning, you won't have to pay for all the repairs out of pocket again. Before having any repairs made, ask for a copy of any warranties that are available to you so you can compare them at home while the repairs are done and you can make an educated buying decision when it's time to take your DJ controller back home. 

For more information on DJ controller repairs, contact a local electronics repair company.